About Islamic Azad University, Najafabad Branch (IAUN)

The Islamic Azad University, Najafabad Branch (IAUN) is an independent comprehensive branch of the Islamic Azad University, located in Najafabad, Isfahan, Iran. IAUN, established in 1985, is the biggest higher education institute in Isfahan province. With a total area of 1277 hectares, IAUN has about one million square meters of developmental space area, including educational, administrative, sports and green space areas as well as 9,094,000 square meters of garden and farmland. Having access to 16 square meters of educational space area per person, IAUN has gained the first rank of land and building ownership among all branches of the Islamic Azad University.

IAUN, as one of the scientific poles of the country, boasts of 35 years of service educating 23,000 university students in 55 educational departments in Bachelor's, Master's and PhD programs. Since its founding, IAUN has trained more than 86000 students in different fields of science. In IAUN, 450 full-time professors are engaged in teaching and research. The most prominent research achievements of IAUN are about 6800 indexed articles, more than 300 published books, and 1300 national and international registered patents.

Currently, IAUN enjoying 10 approved faculties, 11 science and technology centers, one research institute, 92 specialized workplace, 118 up-to-date educational-research laboratories and 6 creditable scientific-research journals, is a big scientific, cultural and artistic city and is considered as an independent comprehensive branch of Islamic Azad University in Iran. The IAUN is home to the largest academic library in Iran, in a 34000 square meters space, with over 300.000 volumes of books, journals, theses, and dissertations in print and electronic formats.

The IAUN sport complex consists of a standard soccer pitch, futsal saloons, big sport halls, a well-equipped gymnasium, Zoorkhaneh, a covered swimming pool, track and field court, as well as basketball, handball, volleyball, tennis and wrestling courts. This sport complex can serve students from 17 different sport majors. Some other facilities of IAUN include quadruple mosques for congregational prayer, full-facility dormitory complex consisting of 5 girls’ and 4 boys’ dormitories in the campus, and 8 conference and seminar halls. Moreover, the IAUN affiliated medical and educational center, known as Isfahan Hospital, is a leading medical center in serving the university staff and the public. This 5-floor hospital has 2937 square meters infrastructure and has been built in the center of Isfahan.

Having access to 14500 square meters research space area and setting the goal of science development and scientist training, the IAUN plays a crucial role in centralizing research among faculty members and students.

Islamic Azad University, Najafabad Branch (IAUN)

An independent comprehensive branch of IAU

An opportunity for education in a prestigious university

106 majors in Bachelor's, Master's and PhD programs

The biggest higher education institute in the center of Iran having the best educational space area per person

A leading university in global rankings

Having the best facilities and educational, cultural and research infrastructure

International applicants can visit: https://www.iaun.ac.ir/en/

Choose your dream freely.

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Vision of IAUN:

  • The best comprehensive university in the country with global reputation
  • Great center of science and research
  • Creative and entrepreneurial university effectively contributing to the economic growth and development of the country
  • Leader in providing educational and research services to the strata of the society
  • Leader in software movement and science development
  • Leader in providing superior educational environment
  • Students’ first choice


Mission of IAUN:

  • Increasing the welfare, economic, social, and cultural development of the society
  • Improving the quantitative and qualitative aspects of education
  • Providing appropriate facilities for research
  • Training entrepreneurial experts to materialize the future outlook of the Islamic republic of Iran in engineering, basic, applied, medical, and human sciences.
  • Developing knowledge boundaries and changing them into scientific ideas
  • Enriching the culture of society