Islamic Azad University, Najafabad Branch was established in January, 1985 with the aim of training professionals needed for high scientific positions. This university boasts of 29 years of service educating 26000 university students in 180 different majors in B.A., M.A., Ph.D. programs. It has been able to train 73793 graduates including 1340 Ph.D. and 6500 M.A. graduates. The total number of the full-time, part-time and adjunct professors in this university is above 1500. With over twenty five years of service, this university is now one of the most prominent centers in the province and one of the most distinguished ones in higher education in the country, and with its precise and professional management in a 20-year strategic framework in different research, scientific, cultural and educational fields, it has gained a lot of domestic and foreign recognition, amongst which one can refer to gaining the Gold Medal of Quality Management in the Century based on the QC100 standard from the BID International Institute in Madrid, Spain in 2013 with 118 countries voting for it. This university was appointed as a comprehensive university with the total score of 5458.47.


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History of IAU

IAU is one of the greatest success stories of higher education in iran and the region, if not in the World.Since its inception in 1982, it has grew profoundly bouth physically and academocally to become one of the largest HE institutions globally.Over the years,IAU has promoted 'higher education for all' as objective.This has been a challenging task but the University managed to overcome many of the challenges by creating a community of hardworking students and staff in every corner of the country.Three decades of academic hard work and perseverance have now bore fruit and we are proud to have a community of over 4 million graduates,1.7 million current students,29 thousands faculty members and over 35 thousands administrative staff.With 472 campuses and research centers in the homeland adn 4 campuses overseas,scattered over an areaexceeding 20 million sqm,together with a range of hospitals,laboratories,workshops,sports facilities,recreational areas and ITC facilities ,IAU now welcomes many applications locally and internationally.All these together with 617 SAMA hight schools affiliated to the University with nearly 53,000 students across Iran,along with 124 vocational centers make the IAU a unique and popular educational center.

Iaun's President


Amir Reza  Naghsh
Amir Reza Naghsh
Iaun's President
Amir Reza NaghshIaun's President


Iaun's Leadership

Hamid montazerghaem
Hamid montazerghaem
Research and Technology Assistant
Faculty of Engineering
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Hamid montazerghaemResearch and Technology Assistant
Ali Akbar Hosein Reza
Ali Akbar Hosein Reza
Student and Cultural Assistant
Ali Akbar Hosein RezaStudent and Cultural Assistant
Hosein Soleymani
Hosein Soleymani
Educational Assistant
Hosein SoleymaniEducational Assistant
Seyed Mohammad Kazemi
Seyed Mohammad Kazemi
Administrative and Financial Assistant
Seyed Mohammad KazemiAdministrative and Financial Assistant