Non-continuous Bachelor’s Majors

  1. English Language Teaching
  2. Religious Studies and Arabic Teaching
  3. Civil Executive Engineering
  4. Welding Technology Engineering
  5. Computer Software Engineering
  6. Elementary Education
  7. Automotive Mechanical Technology Engineering
  8. Electronic Technology Engineering
  9. Chemical Industry Technology Engineering
  10. Electrical Power Engineering Technology
  11. Manufacturing and Molding Technology Engineering
  12. Training Physical Education and Sport Sciences trainer
  13. Telecommunication Technology Engineering-Fixed network Switches
  14. Mechanical Technology Engineering-Heating and Cooling Installations
  15. Power Transmission Networks Technology Engineering
  16. Control Technology-Instrumentation Engineering
  17. Metallurgy Technology-Smelting Engineering
  18. Architecture





Continuous Bachelor’s Majors

  1. Persian Language and Literature
  2. Arabic Language and Literature
  3. English Language Teaching
  4. Geography
  5. Tourism
  6. Physics
  7. Applied Chemistry
  8. Business Management
  9. Industrial Management
  10. Financial Management
  11. Sport Sciences
  12. Psychology
  13. Computer Sciences
  14. Aerospace Engineering
  15. Architectural Engineering
  16. Urban Engineering
  17. Interior Architecture
  18. Fabric Design
  19. Nuclear Engineering
  20. Painting
  21. Islamic Philosophy and Wisdom
  22. Jurisprudence and Principles of Islamic Law
  23. Restoration of Monuments
  24. Optic and Laser Engineering
  25. Metallurgy Engineering
  26. Line and Offshore Structural Engineering
  27. Visual Communication
  28. Industrial Design
  29. Clothing Design
  30. History

The IAUN is ranked 52 out of 100 universities in Iran and 5 out of all branches of IAU based on Scimago institutions ranking. IAUN is also highly ranked among 19 Iranian best universities based on U-multirank.

Deputy Director of Education and Postgraduate Studies



Organization chart

Deputy Director of Education and Postgraduate Studies

Office of Education Services Management

Office of Syllabus Planning Management

Management of Board Affairs

Office of Alumni Affairs Management

Address of Deputy Director of Education and Postgraduate Studies: East Side, Ground floor, Central Library Building, IAUN

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