Deputy Director of Management Development and Resources


About the Deputy

This Deputy makes effort to optimize human and financial resources and makes the best use of personnel so as to increase the efficiency of different departments in the shortest time and at the least cost. To this end, this Deputy planned for the following programs:

  • Developing the subsidiaries’ policies in line with university macro goals and circulating the approved regulations to the subsidiaries and supervising their execution
  • Supervising the proper execution of administrative, financial and service affairs of the university in accordance with the relevant regulations
  • Supervising the provision and logistics of university requirements, maintenance affairs, and environment health as well as supervising proper implementation of contracts
  • Following up the supervision of executive operations in the subsidiaries and trying to solve the current problems and keeping the subsidiaries’ activities up.
  • Pursuing and supervising the implementation of operations in the subsidiary departments, striving to resolve the current problems, and assisting to promote the activities of respective subsidiaries
  • Leading the current activities of the subsidiary departments


Organization chart

Deputy Director of Management Development and Resources

  • Office of Administrative and Human Resources Management
  • Office of Financial Management
  • Office of Performance Evaluation and Empowerment Management
  • Office of Planning and Budget Management
  • Department of Student Welfare Fund and Credit Facilities
  • Office of General and Support Affairs Management
  • Office of Civil Affairs of Real Estate Management

Address of Deputy Director of Management Development and Resources: North Side, Ground floor, Central Library Building, IAUN

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