Office for Foreign Students Admission and Consultation

Today, knowledge and experience transfer from one generation to another has gone beyond the countries’ boundaries in a way that international scientific and cultural communications are inevitable for achieving the countries’ goals. In the world of science and technology globalization, admission of foreign students and elites at the university leads to active participation in science development, facilitates technology transfer, and enriches education and research process. According to major policies of Islamic Azad University (IAU), Najafabad Branch as an independent comprehensive branch of IAU, is ready to admit foreign professors, elites and students in different educational programs and provide short-term courses and sabbatical opportunities in different majors of engineering, medicine, science and humanities. Currently, this university as one of the scientific poles in Iran is host to about 200 foreign students, and as IAUN expands its collaboration with other scientific centers, we hope to witness the progress of knowledge.

In this regard, the Office for International Affairs and Non-Iranian Students at IAUN as trustee of international scientific, educational and research cooperation development intends to provide appropriate background for comprehensive relationships with international universities and science centers and admission of students from other countries. Some activities of this office to maintain respect and dignity of foreign students include facilitating effective communication between foreign students and admission university staff, monitoring foreign students’ enrollment issues, getting foreign students’ authentication documents, holding debriefing sessions, removing probable obstacles in education process from admission to graduation and issuing the degree, accelerating educational procedures, providing financial grants and appropriate facilities, holding domestic scientific tours, and administering cultural programs.


Office director

dr avokh

      Avid Avokh

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